3/23/13 | digital
I had the honor of creating the art for the Gingerdead Men's new EP, Paper Leviathan. They claim they tricked me into doing it, but I've been wanting to do a proper album cover for years. The original idea was to use a Dr. Sketchy drawing, but that really didn't fit the project. So here's where we ended up.

Currently without a full-time vocalist, tGDM enlisted the help of Coinmonster's Jon Reider. So you've got my favorite band-made-up-of-my-friends-that-nobody's-ever-heard-of combined with the frontman from my favorite local(ish)-band-from-my-college-days-that-some-people-might-have-heard-of. The results are pretty freaking great. Although, they would've been better if they had included a cover of Neil Diamond's Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show. You can purchase a copy for whatever you think it's worth on Bandcamp. Here's to swimmin' with bow-legged' wimmen'!

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Nice bllog


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