Cicada piece for a group show at Studio 2091.
Another video collaboration with Todd V.
"Remix" of an old Psycho Reindeer t-shirt design.
Akron Children's Hospital donor video. I did the art. Todd V did the video. Sue Krizman did the art direction.
Fake album cover for a benefit art show at Studio 2091. CNC cut wood and acrylic paint.
Random Dr. Sketchy's pinups.
T-shirt design for Swensons from 2010. You can still buy it here.
As I was rummaging through the deep dark depths of my computer, I found this old T-shirt design for Andy Hopp's Con on the Cob from 2008.
This is a series from 2011 featuring Napoleon, Dave Beethoven, Bob Genghis Khan... and Abraham Lincoln from the greatest movie ever made, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.